Orchid & Jasmine Hand Made Natural Soap 95gr
Orchid & Jasmine Hand Made Natural Soap 95gr

Orchid & Jasmine Hand Made Natural Soap 95gr

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Gluten Free Vegan

100% Hand Made , Natural Soap. Produced from famous Orchid & Jasmine . The smell of Orchid & Jasmine  Soap will take you to Gardens of Heavens.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Question: How long do handmade soaps last?
Answer: Our soaps usually stay 'good' for years. In fact, the older a soap gets, the longer it will last when you finally combine it with water in your shower. However, time does affect the intensity of a soap's fragrance. For best fragrance, we recommend that you enjoy your soaps within six months of purchase.

Question: What is all natural soap?
Answer: Natural soap means all ingredients are derived from plants. That's the standard we use when calling our own soap “all natural.” We also define our soap as herbal, and in defining what natural soap is, we also define what it's not.

This soap includes orchid, jasmine and several other flower extracts. It can be your love potion just because of the exotic oils it includes. This soft textured soap includes geranium, jasmine and vetiver. Vetiver oil and vetiver essence are used in creams prepared for dull, dry and sensitive skins
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