Mughe Turkish Baklava Sampler Gift Box
Mughe Turkish Baklava Sampler Gift Box
Mughe Turkish Baklava Sampler Gift Box
Mughe Turkish Baklava Sampler Gift Box
Mughe Turkish Baklava Sampler Gift Box
Mughe Turkish Baklava Sampler Gift Box
Mughe Turkish Baklava Sampler Gift Box
Mughe Turkish Baklava Sampler Gift Box

Mughe Turkish Baklava Sampler Gift Box 285g - 10oz

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Price : $23.90(Vat included)

DISCOVER THE RICH FLAVORS OF MUGHE BAKLAVA 🎁 - A Gastronomic Journey: Embark on a journey through authentic Turkish and Middle Eastern culinary heritage with the Mughe Baklava Gift Box. Encased elegantly in a premium gift box, this assortment promises an exploration of five exquisite Baklava variations, each embodying the essence of indulgence. Within these layers of flavor, you'll find the divine trio of pistachio, cashew, walnut, and mixed nuts. Allow yourself to be transported to the opulent halls of a Sultan's Palace, where every bite echoes with the artistry and flavors that define Mughe Baklava. It's an invitation to savor the ultimate indulgence, a masterpiece that caters to all palates.

A PLETHORA OF DELIGHTS INSIDE 🌟 - A Gourmet Treasure Chest: Step into a world of delight as you open the Mughe Baklava Gift Box. Nestled within its confines lies 285g ℮ / 10oz. of pure pleasure, comprising 22 meticulously handcrafted baklava pieces. These morsels of delight are thoughtfully divided into four distinct types, each with its own character and essence. The box dimensions measure 15cm x 15cm x 3cm or 5.9 inches x 5.9 inches x 1.18 inches, a testament to the generous offering that awaits. Quantity seamlessly marries quality, as this baklava is not only VEGETARIAN, HALAL, and GLUCOSE-FREE but also composed of non-GMO ingredients. And to uphold the commitment to authenticity, absolutely NO Artificial Colors or Flavors are added.

THE HEART OF MUGHE BAKLAVA ❤️ - A Culinary Artform: At the core of Mughe Gourmet Baklava lies a passion for authenticity and quality. Crafted with real Turkish Pistachios, Walnuts, Cashews, or Hazelnuts—no shortcuts, just the essence of the nut itself. The nod to tradition extends to the use of Kosher-certified Ghee, elevating the culinary experience. These exquisite creations are nestled within elegant recyclable tin boxes, each a vessel of preservation and presentation. Crafted by genuine masters using time-honored techniques, each piece is an embodiment of exceptional craftsmanship. The symphony of flavors is further enhanced by perfectly measured honey sherbet, adding a touch of sweetness that lingers.

INDULGENCE PERSONIFIED 😋 - The Taste of Mastery: In every bite, Mughe Baklava delivers an unparalleled symphony of flavors. Nutty richness takes center stage, with a balanced sweetness that dances on the palate. A captivating aroma wafts from each piece, a prelude to the blissful crispiness that follows. As you experience this harmonious delight, you'll discern the uniqueness that sets Mughe Baklava apart, a culinary creation that speaks to the senses.

GIFTING ELEVATED 🎉 - A Gesture of Luxury: Mughe Gourmet Baklava is more than a dessert; it's an experience of luxury, craftsmanship, and authentic Mediterranean flavors. Elevate gifting to an art, sharing not just a food item but a story, a journey, and a piece of culinary heritage. The sumptuous baklava pieces become more than a treat; they become a gesture of celebration, appreciation, and connection.

PRESENTATION EMBODIED IN ELEGANCE ✨ - Beyond the Baklava: The elegant tin boxes that house the baklava are more than packaging; they're an extension of the culinary artistry within. Recyclable, secure, and visually stunning, these boxes reflect the care, thoughtfulness, and sophistication that Mughe Baklava embodies. It's a presentation that complements the opulence of the treats within, offering an experience that's holistic and exceptional.


FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Question: Where can I buy The Best Baklava near me?
Answer: You can buy the best baklava from Mughe Gourmet, where ever you are in the World. We deliver to your door in 2 days. Fresh and original…

Question: Where is Baklava from?
Answer: Baklava traces its origins to the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. It has a rich history and is believed to have been perfected over centuries in countries like Greece, Turkey, and the Levant.

About the product

  • DISCOVER THE UNIQUE TASTE OF MUGHE GOURMET BAKLAVA - A fine selection of premium oriental desserts presented in a elegant tin box. Containing five delicious Baklawa varieties. Enjoy a moment in Sultan’s Palace.
  • MUGHE GOURMET Turkish Baklava pastry produced with traditional methods, We do NOT use any preserving additives or glucose syrup. Which distinguishes us from Arabic and others, is the lightness of the syrup. MUGHE GOURMET Baklava is between 240kcal-320kcalories.
  • IMPRESSIVE TIN BAKLAVA GIFT BOX FOR YOUR FRIENDS AND GUESTS - We packaged our gourmet baklava in a elegant tin gift box. IMPORTED FRESH FROM ISTANBUL
  • GREAT FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS - Birthday gifts, gifts, halloween gifts, thanksgiving gifts, christmas gifts, dessert gifts, Valentines Day gifts, Holiday gifts, mothers day gifts, fathers day gifts, st patricks day gifts, womens day gifts, easter gifts, special hampers and for all your special days, Mughe Gourmet is at your service.
  • TURKISH BAKLAVA PASTRIES DESSERT with pistachio assortment gift box, as each and every bites you will taste our assorted bakery,
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