Luxury Ground Turkish Coffee 100% Arabica  - Mughe Gourmet-Fancy Tin Gift Box

Luxury Ground Turkish Coffee 100% Arabica - Mughe Gourmet-Fancy Tin Gift Box

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Turkish coffee basically refers to the method of brewing and gourmet

preparation of our fine ground 100% Arabica roasted coffee beans

It is the distinct way of preparing coffee from Turkey, Greece and

the Middle East regions that have originated way back in the 15th century.

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About the product

·        ✔ 100% PURE ARABICA GROUND COFFEE - Original Beautiful Ottoman Style Can Holding 100% Pure Arabica Ground Turkish Coffee - Roasted in Wood Fire for Maximum Earthy Taste and Very Unique Flavor - Very strong on flavor, rich in aroma and almost earthy. Brews perfectly.

·        ✔ TASTE IT & FEEL THE DIFFERENCE - You must try this, at least once! This Coffee can help you reap the benefits of caffeine! Coffee Health benefits were only observed in boiled coffee that are in composition the same as Greek and Turkish Coffee.Turkish Coffee is Very Healthy and Beneficial.

·        ✔ DIFFERENT & UNIQUE - New to Turkish & Greek Coffee? Everything is worth trying at least once! Different and Unique: Concentrated, Energy-Boosting and Full of antioxidant content. Turkish Coffee is served as a concentrated coffee brew where in the coffee content of a small demitasse cup is equal to that of a regular-sixed coffee cup.

·        ✔ FLAVORFUL & DELIGHTFUL COFFEE - Our wood fire roasted turkish coffee is a delightful coffee drink because the brewed beverage is richer in taste and the amount of sugar and spice additive can be adjusted according to your taste.

·        ✔ Very Simple to prepare within few minutes. Cost-effective. Preparing Turkish coffee is less expensive than using an espresso machine. You can also opt to prepare more or less coffee, depending on your desired amount, because it is unfiltered.

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