Luxury Barberry Coated Turkish Delight, Pomegranate Flavor with Pistachio - Zereshk Berries

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Gluten Free Vegan

Extremely delicious sour and sweet Turkish Delight. 

We've crafted our own version of Turkish Delight using some of the traditional flavors which made it famous.

Turkish Delight makes a magical and memorable gift for those seeking out new tasting adventures!

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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Question: How does turkish delight taste like?
Answer: They are sweet and nothing tastes like them. ... He is from Kastamonu, so another city with very good taste. And goes best with Turkish coffee. Water, sugar, lemon salt,starch and as to your taste you can add flavors like orange, or rose, or strawberry, or berry, etc.

Question: How long does lokum last?
Answer: A perfect Turkish delight should whet your appetite, not kill it. While eating, it shouldn't burn your throat with its sugar. Freshness is key. Turkish Delight should last 8 to 10 months.

About the product

·        Delicious Luxurious Zereshk Barberries Coated Turkish Delight with Pomegranate (nars) Stuffed with 45% minimum Pistachio

·        SIGNATURE TURKISH DELIGHT ASSORTMENT: Explore the original and true Turkish delight taste sensations. Just try the most prestigious delicious Turkish delight treats 

·        Mughe Gourmet is One of the most traditional and well-recognized Turkish treats, Turkish Delight, has been served since Ottoman times. Our Turkish Delight is crafted exclusively by talented master confectioners using traditional methods and combines fresh fruits and nuts, without any preservatives or additives. Ideally served after meals or with coffee, this delicacy perfectly represents Turkish hospitality.

·        The distinction that defines us is mainly using only the best ingredients and offering only what we would eat. We use1st. quality pistachio in our delights.


·        We do not use glucose syrup or preserving additives in our products.

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