Mughe Gourmet
Who Are We ?
Mughe Gourmet feel like in Grand Bazaar Istanbul with every single bite of delight


Welcome to Mughe Gourmet - a woman-owned culinary venture driven by a mother of 2 with a passion for perfection. Our story revolves around authenticity, crafting the finest baklava and more. With a vision to deliver exceptional treats, we take pride in our dedication to tradition and quality. Wondering where to find baklava near you? Look no further! At Mughe Gourmet, we infuse every creation with love, bringing you the essence of our culture in every delectable bite. Join us on this delightful journey and savor the taste of authenticity.

At Mughe Gourmet, our vision is to become a global ambassador of authentic culinary delights, sharing the rich flavors of our culture with the world. We strive to be renowned for our exceptional baklava, Turkish delight, and more, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and the essence of tradition. With a commitment to quality, we aim to delight our customers with the finest sweets, delivering a taste experience that is unforgettable. As a woman-owned business, our vision is to inspire and empower others, fostering a community of food enthusiasts who appreciate the artistry of authentic creations. We envision Mughe Gourmet as a symbol of excellence, where passion meets perfection, and the love for our culinary heritage shines through in every mouthwatering treat.


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