Chocolate & Candy
LUXURY BAKLAVA - A fine selection of premium oriental desserts VEGETARIAN and GLUCOSE FREE presented in a elegant tin box. Containing five delicious Baklawa varieties. Enjoy a moment in Sultan’s Palace. MUGHE GOURMET Turkish Baklava pastry produced with traditional methods, We do NOT use any preserving additives or glucose syrup. Which distinguishes us from others, is the lightness of the syrup. Less Calories between 240kcal-320kcalories. Always Fresh and Crispy!
‘TRY IT ONCE & REGRET IT. DON'T TRY IT & YOU'LL REGRET IT THOUSAND TIMES!' a Turkish saying for "Pismaniye" this ancient Turkish sweet that dates back to the 15th century. MUGHE GOURMET Cotton Candy is also called ‘fairy floss,’ ‘string havla,’ ‘stretched halva’ or ‘flax havla. OurTurkish Cotton Candy ‘Pismaniye’ is plain.
ENJOY 30 OZ of Incredibly Delicious and Satisfying Halvah - Nutty, Flaky, Dense, Tahini-Based Candy. 3 savory flavors: Plain, Pistachio & Marble with chocolate swirled in. Give these halva variations a try, You'll Adore!
Gorgeous Tasty Signature Halva Snack - The most ancient of desserts. Sweet Delicious Middle Eastern confection. ENJOY!
DISCOVER UNIQUE AND LUXURY DRIED FRUITS & NUTS GIFT All from Turkey Healthy, Traditional and Original Turkish Dried Fruits Nuts Tray Gift: ★ Turkish Apricots w. raw almonds, ★ Grape Leather w. pistachios, ★ Turkish Figs w. walnuts, ★ Mulberry and Grape sausage w. walnuts, ★ Fruit paste balls covered w. pistachios
ALL MUGHE GOURMET NUTS & DRIED FRUITS products are certified, carefully selected in ANATOLIAN REGION & brought freshly from TURKEY ★ WE CARE YOUR HEALTH!