Olive Oil & Soap

Extra Virgin Oil

There are hundreds of extra virgin olive oil brands on the market, so if you are asking yourself ”Why should I choose Mughe Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil?”, Here you will find some real good reasons:
Mughe Gourmet’s unique olive oil is acquired from Southern Aegean olives.
In addition to its anti oxidant features and phenol components this health elixir is produced in perfectly hygienic conditions.
Our olives are delicately harvested and carried with air conductive boxes in order to eliminate fermentation.
Harvested olives are elected before washing, and only washed with clean water.
Olives are processed in 24 hours through COLD PRESS METHOD and contained in chrome tanks.
Do not consume food products which are not transparent of production and containment process.
Always remember “what we eat is what we are”.
Bon Appetit!
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