Mughe Gourmet
About Us
MUGHE GOURMET was founded by Muge Ergulec in 2013 to meet the demand for original, exceptional and exclusive products.
Mughe Gourmet produces and distributes gourmet foods and sweets.

Mughe Gourmet is founded by Müge Ergüleç for beloved people who long for authentic, distinguished and rare things in this world where everything is manufactured so fast and so vastly. The motto of our company which aims to be the Jacques Louisser of the gourmet food industry is "You are what you eat". Müge Ergüleç who raises her children with this philosopy as well has accomplished to make her children say "I don't eat chips. They have trans fat in them". As a company which believes the greatest success in the world is happiness our biggest goal is to continue walking pur path with our customers who are happy with the foods they consume


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